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Becoming A Super Hero

Fit to Fight

My health has become a major concern of mine, especially, now that I am approaching my mid- thirties. I was never athletic growing up, but proved to myself that I could be after graduating from Army Basic training. I want to get back into a more active lifestyle again to live a long happy & healthy life with my wife and daughter. I had purchased P90X many years ago and quit before I even started, deeming the program far too advanced for me.

Last winter, one of my friends from high school [include her Transformation picture on the side] started posting about her success with the 21 Day Fix, another of Beachbodys products. I watched her go from depressed and tired to active and happy. Between following the programs healthy diet and portion control and the exercise videos she lost over 100 lbs between November 2014 and August 2015 in front of my eyes. I was convinced to give it a shot.

I started with a Three Day Refresh and moved on to the 21 Day Fix Diet. I wanted to try it out for a week before starting the exercises. I had lost 11 lbs in less than 2 weeks, just from a change in my diet and was feeling great. Almost as soon as I started though, tragedy struck. Xander had his fatal asthma attack and my life changed. I started eating healthy again and when I did it was whatever I could stomach at the time. It usually consisted of take out or fast food.Things like, pizza and ice cream became my friends again and I ballooned back up to my heaviest weight ever.

My transformation story has yet to be written but follow along with my blog for updates as it happening. I am going to reclaim control of my health. I watch my friends continue to make life altering changes to their health and they continue to inspire me. The road of grief has been a long one already but I see a happier future that has a ‘healthy me’ in it. This will help grow my energy, be more active and encourage others to overcome their hurdles to be unstoppable. I have seen others do it, I know that I can, and I want to help people anyway I can. Be it through getting their next vehicle, learn car seat safety, get healthy, or inspire them to look forward to the future no matter how dark it may appear. Anyone can get out of the fog to see a bright future ahead.

My friend of 15+ years and coach, Heather Olen.

This is my proof that YES, it can be done!