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Being A Super Hero

Heroic Deeds

Before I share my story of how I got involved in the organization, I wanted to share the mission statement of Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio. We make costumed visits to children’s hospitals, special needs centers, and charitable events whenever we are needed throughout Northeast Ohio. As “SUPER HEROES TO KIDS IN OHIO”, it is our goal to spread good will by:

1 . Simple acts of kindness
2 . Recognition of individuals who have battled through adversity
3 . Encourage the involvement of ‘community’ to make a positive difference in the lives of others; especially children

We received the ‘Real Hero Award’ for a group from The American Red Cross for our work inspiring and visiting children facing serious illnesses. Super Heroes To Kids in Ohio is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization not affiliated with Marvel, DC, Disney, or any other company. All acts are done in a charitable tone. If you believe in what we do, feel free to make a donation to our cause at Any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference!

Shortly after my six year old son Xander suddenly passed away I was contacted by Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio after they heard of everything and Xander’s love of Superheroes. They offered any assistance they could and together we decided that the best opportunity would be to send members to visit the Vermilion Elementary School during their field day. The school was planning a balloon release with Xander’s classmates and teachers before the field day events would begin. Superman, Robin, Batgirl and Phoenix were able to attend that day. We were presented with a bust of Superman engraved with the statement that Xander was a true hero. I knew then that I had found my way to honor Xander. I had to join the group to be there for others facing adversity, even if that put me face to face with others that are grieving. Knowing that we weren’t alone while grieving gave us strength and if I could provide that to one other person I know I would be able to make a difference.

Before I was even officially accepted into the group I began assembling costumes. I knew the results of the required background check would not be a problem and that was the only thing standing in my way from becoming a member. I knew that with all the donations we received the least I could do would be to get several high quality outfits together. First I got a Captain America First Avenger costume, it ended up being a size to small but if you look at my BECOMING A SUPERHERO tab you can watch my journey to properly fit into that outfit unfold. Next I assembled Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy as it was Xander’s last superhero that he started to get into. As the summer went on I pieced a few other costumes together with adding accessory items that I already had. Agent Coulson from Marvel's Agents of Shield just needed a suit, tie, sunglasses and some Shield identification. Wolverine only needed jeans, white tank top, leather jacket I found at the Goodwill and a pair of claws. The Punisher costume I found for under $15 new online and figured since the group tries to avoid duplicates at events it would be good to have as a backup.

I also had commissioned someone to paint an aluminum captain America shield with the X on it to honor Xander. I also got a second Captain America outfit in the “Age of Ultron” style, in the correct size this time. I was able to get the Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio involved in the 2015 Woollybear Parade hosted by Fox8s Dick Goddard right here in Vermilion. We invited several families facing adversity to join us as we wanted to feature them with us. We were a hit and the families had a blast.

We have nearly 100 volunteers across North East Ohio that sign up to come to events whenever they can. We currently feature members that dress as popular Marvel and DC Superheroes and Villains, Transformers, along with many Disney Princesses (because princesses can be heroes too). I may add more characters in the future including some Disney Characters and Villains but will wait to get in better shape before investing in anything else.


2015 Super Heroes to Kids - Super Soldier of the Year Award Winner

Any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference!

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Why did I join? Because they reached out to us after hearing about Xander and offered their help in any way possible. They came to the balloon release at Field Day at his school.
I knew then where my path would take me. I joined at the first opportunity that presented itself and began to gather my costumes.

Star-Lord: Guardians of the Galaxy

Agent Coulson: Marvel Agents of Shield

Captain America: The First Avenger

X-Men: Wolverine

Marvel: The Punisher

Captain America: Age of Ultron