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4 FALLbulous Driving Tips For Fall

It is time to adjust to the leaves changing and colder nights, fall has arrived (even if it is not official yet). With its arrival, we need to readjust our habits of driving. A different climate change means...

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My Two Objectives: Get You The Vehicle You Want And Leave You With A Smile

When I wake up every morning my personal mission is to complete two objectives with every customer I meet. 1. To provide them with the vehicle they want. 2. To have them leave with a smile. The...

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Your Back To School Car Check!

Back to school is already here or is about to approach, and whether it is you or the kids who are making their way to school, there are a few things you should do to ensure that your car is back to school...

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Can You Trade In A Vehicle When Still Owing On Your Car Loan?

You may feel as though now is the time for you to trade in your current vehicle for another, but you are worried if you can due to still owing on your car loan. This surely is a predicament to be in, but there...

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How to Buy a Car after Bankruptcy

Despite an economy on the upturn, many Americans are finding bankruptcy to be the only answer when financial circumstances overwhelm them or a job loss or illness turns a rosy future into a disaster. Bankruptcy gives...

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Hot Wheels Is Releasing Mario Kart Toys

Hot Wheels cars have always had a cartoonish element to their designs with their enlarged wheels, exaggerated proportions, and wild graphics. But recently, the style has been even more literal.

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