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10 Fascinating Car Facts

Learning interesting car facts is always fun. Some of them you may already know, while others may surprise you. Either way, they are definitely great conversation starters. Here are 10 fascinating car facts...

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Take Me Wherever You Go With My Digital Business Card

You never know when or where you might find yourself needing to ask me a question about your current or new vehicle. I don't want you to go without receiving the answers you need as soon as you can get them. If...

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The 2019 Ranger is here!!!

Over the past six years that I have been here at Liberty Ford Lincoln of Vermilion, OH is one of the most frequest questions is "Why did they get rid of the Ranger" and "When is the Ranger coming back". Well I can...

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A Matter of Trust: Let Me Earn Yours!

Today’s car buying experience has certainly changed over the last 20 years! Today, educated buyers such as yourself, come to the car dealership armed to the teeth with information about the exact model you want...

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4 Reasons You’ll Have More Fun Off The Roads on New Year’s Eve:

Are you trying to decide on going out or staying in this New Year’s Eve? The streets will be full of people making their merry way and trying to get in their final indulgences before the clock strikes midnight....

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Best Ways to Avoid Craigslist Car Scams

With the advent of Craigslist, and other internet resell platforms, comes a lot of pros and cons for the average person. You might think you can save money by going this route when buying or selling your car to an...

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