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Don't Worry; Be Happy

It is true, knowing that I helped you get into a vehicle that makes you happy because it gives you the freedom and ability to travel to different destinations, means more to me than words can really say.

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How to keep your car from getting butt-burningly hot this summer

On a sunny day, your car will always be hotter than the outside temperature thanks to the greenhouse effect: The sunlight’s visible, short wavelengths can easily pass through glass windows, but once your...

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The Yagalet Sports Car Can Hover On Water When You Run Out Of Road

The RussianstartupYagalet has a bizarre, new idea about how to make an amphibious car – turn it into a hovercraft. If a floating sports car isn't odd enough, then Yagalet has some even weirder goals...

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Someday IS Today

Today is the day where reality lives. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is waiting, but the present is where we all currently reside. Thus, end the waiting game and do what you want to do "someday," today, instead.

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Always Be Your Best Self!

I am dedicated to always being a better version of myself, which is a constant work in progress, so I can constantly provide my customers with the best car buying experience.

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The 2018 Ford EcoSport Secret Shelf That Keeps Items Safe

In the last few years, the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), has been dominating the market and Ford has taken notice by expanding its lineup, including that of its smallest SUV, the EcoSport. The 2018 Ford EcoSport...

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