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I am the only Car Seat Technician located in Vermilion and the only technician at any dealership in the counties of Cuyahoga, Lorain or Erie. Unless you try to schedule with a very limited number of Fire Departments or Hospitals which have even more limited appointment windows it may be weeks before you could have your seat looked at. Call me today and I will try to find a time that works for both of us during the next 5 business days, that is if I can’t just accommodate you immediately.

Soon I will also be hosting open car seat inspections from time to time with several other technicians traveling in to assist me. Check out my Facebook page for dates and details.

Car Seat Inspection

First, I am going to uninstall your car seat.

I do this so that I can determine if there are any active recalls on your child’s car seat so I can provide you with the information needed to get it addressed if necessary. Don’t fret, the recall may be something as simple as a misprint of a safety sticker where there would be no immediate need to worry. I have several resources available at my disposal to make sure that your car seat is safe.

Car Seat Install

I will take a look at your vehicle and help determine the best set up for you and your family needs. I will see if the LATCH (which stands for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children) system or the standard seat buckle gives your car and child seat combination the best fit. Did you know that you should only use the seat belt OR the LATCH system not both? Unless the car seat manufacturer specifically tells you to it is safer to use one or the other.

There are several important things I will need:

         I would like to see the seat already installed when you arrive if possible.

         Your child should be there to ensure a proper fit and comfort for them.

         I will also need to know their height and weight.

         A second adult is recommended to come along to watch your little one while I teach you about car seat safety and how to install your seat.

         The Car Seat Instruction Manual that came with the car seat. It is often stored somewhere in the back or bottom of the car seat

         The vehicle owners manual.

         And for you to be prepared to learn, not just watch me install the seat. I am here to help teach you, not just to install it for you.

This one-on-one education typically takes 20-30 minutes depending on the car seat and vehicle. I need to take all the time necessary to ensure that you feel competent an confident in re-securing the sear into the vehicle on your own. When you leave I want you to feel comfortable that if you are cleaning your car for example , that if you need to take the seat out you have the confidence that you are putting it back in the best and safest way.

Now safety information is constantly being updated and I will try my best to provide the most up to date information but I recommend visiting the following web sites for the most up to date information. If there is a question you feel that I have not been able to answer just let me know, I can refer you to other technicians that have years of experience, but rest assured I have many resources at my disposal to try to answer all of your questions.