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Just Ask For Jeff Friendly Trade Appraisal

Submit your vehicle info below so that I can get an idea with what you will be bringing in for your trade ahead of time. Also here are some tips and information on what to expect with how we come up with what your vehicle is worth here in Northeast Ohio. Prices can vary from region to region and we look at several resources to get you the fairest price for the vehicle you are selling us.

  1 . Look up book values. We use several resources when determining the value of the vehicle that you are selling and one common blue book value rating tool we refer to is Kelley Blue Book. It is an online site will help you figure out the car's approximate worth. Remember these resources are just a guide and do not offer to buy the vehicle from you.

     - Go to the Kelley Blue Book site. You will be asked to put in the year, make and model of the used vehicle first. You may also be asked for your zip code. When you are presented with a selection of choices or blue book values, be sure to select the "trade-in value" option. This will give you the trade-in value as opposed to the private sale value or dealer-suggested retail price.

     - Input the mileage of the vehicle and all available features.

     - Add the condition of the vehicle. The Kelley blue book site categorizes vehicles into four conditions: excellent, good, fair and poor. Read all of these very carefully and see which one best applies to your vehicle.

     - Add any additional information and check your value. You should finally arrive at a page that lists a range of trade-in values by condition.

  2 . Evaluate any additional issues with your vehicle. Although some of this can come under the category of vehicle condition, some kinds of wear are considered excessive and will lower your basic value. These include engine problems, coolant leaks, transmission issues or anything that affects major systems of the vehicle and requires costly repairs.

  3 . Understand "dealer cost." When you are getting a trade-in value for your vehicle, you are effectively selling it back to us. We have to assume title for the vehicle, recondition it, preform a 35 point safety inspection on it, find a buyer and still try to make a profit reselling the vehicle. That means your trade-in value will sometimes be less than you think it should be. Even if you have a blue book range for your vehicle, that doesn't mean it's what you'll get when you visit the dealer's lot.

  4 . Negotiate your trade-in value. You will have to come to a compromise with us on what the we of you think the vehicle is worth. My used car buyer will help justify how we came to a fair value for your vehicle if you have any questions. If we do not reach a compromise, you may decide not to trade in the vehicle and to try to sell it on the market or even donate it to charity. I have had customers do both, some had great success and some had to deal with a great amount of hassle, one even getting ripped off by being given a bad check. Those are real possibilities to take into consideration.

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