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Any site can hand pick reviews to share, but how many offer references for you to personally call with your questions? I have several customers that have given me permission to share their contact information with potential clients. Give me a call and I can help you connect with them.


In this day and age if someone is happy or upset with any business, they have the option to share their feelings with the world via the internet, where a comment can help or harm someone for many years to come. I have had the privilege of being reviewed many times by happy customers who are more than willing to share their stories. So, whether you have purchased a vehicle from me or are still considering me as your next automotive concierge then please take a minute to see what others thought of me and by all means add your own so you can help others know to “Just Ask for Jeff!”
Below are links to several sites that I have been reviewed on and have asked my customers to share their experiences. If for any reason the experience is negative please contact me ASAP to see if I can right any perceived wrong that may have taken place. I strive for complete satisfaction with all of my clients and want the chance to exceed your expectations. I encourage you to include my full name “Jeff Cormier” and #JustAskForJeff. This will help my reviews stand out among the crowd and also help me.