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You served. I serve.

"Military and Vets, thank you for your service." I, myself, served from 1999-2005 in the Army National Guard and although I may have not seen any long term or over seas deployments I absolutely have some good service stories to share with you. Not all are exactly PG so I will save them until you are here in my office.

I also wanted to give a shout out to all First Responders and those in the medical field. Thank you for waking up every day and do what you do. When my six year old son had his fatal asthma I saw the pain in everyone's eyes knowing how little could be done and how every last one of the police, fire and EMTs that were on the scene were all praying for a miracle. Unfortunately for us that miracle never came but they all still show up every day to help those in need.
In today's crazy political and social climate many of you do not get the pay or respect you deserve. I want to assure you that when you step in my office that I will get you the best deal I can upfront to show my respect towards you and your time. I can relate that a few bad eggs can ruin it in any profession. We all see it and hear stories about the automotive sales industry as we typically rank up there with lawyers and politicians due to some criminals and their shady practices that pop up from time to time. Fortunately many have been run out of the business but the stigma will always be there. Liberty Ford has been a trusted member of the community for over 35 years now for a reason because we believe in People Helping People.

Your time is important to me and the last thing I would want if for you to spend a rare day off at a car dealership away from your family. I want to make the process as easy as possible for you. We can run the credit app online, select the perfect new or PreOwned vehicle for you and either set up a demo and test drive at he dealership, at your home or workplace. (Anywhere within a 1 hour drive from Vermilion)
Teachers along with small business owners & managers, I have a similar program for you as well. Please contact me so I can share all the details with you!"