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Why Me?

• Most importantly, is to maintain my strong ethical beliefs that make my wife Emily and daughter Kaledrina proud.

• To foster and build lifelong relationships and have raving fans that will happily send their friends and families to do business with me.

• To provide an experience that offers far more than any customer expects, before, and after the sale.

• To honor the memory of my late son Xander by doing what I feel is right…always.

As your professional salesperson, I promise to give you the MOST INCREDIBLE vehicle purchase.


• a stress free & convenient experience
• help making an educated buying decision
• physical side-by-side vehicle comparison against any dealership


• free home or workplace delivery
• internet, phone and in person approach
• a smooth and streamline paperwork, finance and signing process


• help with your vehicle's features and accessories
• advice or services, parts, maintenance & recalls
• giving you the best deals, rates, discounts, rebates, promotions, freebies & then some.

"Anthony B. leased a black Escape from me nearly two years ago and qualified to get into a new lease a few months early. He has been living down in Louisville, KY for the last few months but was loyal enough to take the five hour drive up here to Vermilion where I was able to get him into a LOADED 2016 silver Escape. I appreciate the loyalty and the repeat business." - Thank you my friend.

Now THAT is what I call "Customer Loyalty!"